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April 2021 Opportunity



The Board of Directors of the Malliouhana-ANICO Insurance Company Limited

(MAICO) invites applications from suitably qualified and experienced insurance professionals who are Anguillians or nationals of Caribbean countries to join MAICO’s Management Team in the position of General Manager.

Applicants will be short-listed.  Short-listed applicants will be required as part of the recruitment process to complete an interview questionnaire followed by an oral interview after the completed questionnaire has been reviewed and assessed.  Candidates will be required also to prepare and submit a summary outline of the business goals, objectives, and results they would seek to achieve and the business strategies and programmes they would implement to achieve them.  A package of basic information and data would be made available on request to assist candidates to fulfill this requirement.

The successful candidate will have a unique opportunity to lead and facilitate the further development and strengthening of a growing Anguillian and Caribbean owned insurance company in its bid to be Anguilla’s premier insurer providing price and product competitive insurance products and services and responding to customers insurance needs, efficiently, effectively and in a timely manner.

A fixed-term contract will be offered for a period not exceeding five years.


Selection Criteria:

The successful candidate should preferably possess an advanced professional qualification or certification in insurance from a recognized professional insurance association or institute; or an advanced professional qualification or certification in Finance, Accounting, Banking, Business Management or Marketing; or a Bachelor’s degree in Insurance, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Business Management, Marketing or a related field.


The successful candidate should also have a minimum of 10 years experience in the Insurance Industry with at least six years at Management level.

He or she should be self-motivated, passionate, and proactive in work, well organised, and results-oriented.


Applicants Should Have:

  • Executive and/or senior management leadership skills and experience.
  • High-level professional and technical insurance knowledge, skills, and experience in the Insurance Industry together with sound financial and Business Management skills, experience, and success.
  • Strategic and operational planning and budgeting knowledge, skills, and experience.
  • Significant experience in general management including leadership of top structures.
  • Strong mentoring and coaching skills and experience.
  • Excellent strategic leadership and communication skills and experience.

Key Duties Include:

  1. Review the institutional development needs of MAICO and coordinate, prepare and implement institutional development plans to meet the identified needs.
  1. Coordinate and manage the development, review, and implementation of policies, strategies, procedures, standards, and benchmarks to guide MAICO’s operations.

iii.        Lead and coordinate the preparation, approval, implementation, monitoring and

review of multi-year strategic and annual operating plans and of the medium-term

programme and annual operating budgets needed to finance them.

  1. Exercise stringent control and administration of operating and capital expenditure and the careful management and monitoring of cash flow
  2. Ensure the regular review, improvement, and marketing of MAICO’s portfolio of products and the development and/or procurement and marketing of new insurance products and services as MAICO products or as third-party products sold by MAICO via agency agreements and/or facultative placement.
  3. Ensure that technically sound and cost-effective reinsurance treaties are secured,

monitored, reviewed, and evaluated annually and coverage is in place at all times.

vii.       Oversee, monitor, and evaluate MAICO’s insurance operations, prepare and submit

regular, comprehensive reports to the Board of Directors, the insurance regulator

and other agencies to which reports are to be submitted pursuant to applicable laws.

viii.     Ensure the effective management of the various kinds and categories of risks

impacting MAICO and mitigate, minimize, neutralize and/or remove them.

  1. Ensure that the Board is consistently provided with memoranda and reports with the required analysis, advice, and guidance necessary in making decisions.
  2. Undertake the regular review, monitoring, and evaluation of the human resource needs and manpower policies, strategies, and plans and develop and administer employee education, training, and professional development programmes.
  3. Oversee and monitor investments and their returns and ensure that investment policy is reviewed and updated to take account of changes in investment conditions.

xii.       Lead the preparation, implementation, and continuous updating of a comprehensive business continuity plan for MAICO’s long-run safety, security, and sustainability.



An attractive compensation package is offered and will be commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the successful applicant. 

Documents Required:

Please submit the following documents to the Managing Director at mdpbryan@maicoanguilla.com.  Applications via electronic mail, summarizing evidence of the requirements for appointment to the position:

Curriculum vitae

Two (2) current letters of reference

Certified copies of certificates

Names and contact information of two other referees whom MAICO may independently contact concerning the applicant.


To reach no later than Friday, 30th April 2021.