Welcome to APANY, Inc., Youth EDU Programs Page

Key Objective of APANY is to collaborate and/or partner with the Anguilla Community College (ACC),

The Department of Youth and Culture (DYC), BIG ON LEARNING (BOL) or other institutions to increase opportunities for young Anguillians through offering apprenticeships, workshops, and other work-based learning programs. APANY will seek to attract donations to assist with providing professional support for hosting specific education, cultural and arts initiatives. Even though the tourism industry is the main economic driver as well as the islands largest private sector employer, there is a need to explore innovative new approaches and resources that will contribute towards providing opportunities for the youth to actively participate in development projects that can lead to more diversity of local products and services.

APANY has forged a partnership with the Eastern Block Artistic Alliance to create an Anguillian Youth Digital Arts Bootcamp. Mr, David Martin will facilitate the workshops related to this program.

David Martin is a multimedia consultant and motivational speaker that holds a bachelor’s degree in communication studies and has approximately 15 years of experience in the field of multimedia production. He has been actively involved in the digital arts industry as a Graphic artist, Video editor, Digital animator, Television producer, TVET animation and multimedia trainer, Assessor and curriculum developer.

In addition to plying his trade as a multimedia entrepreneur, He conducts workshops and interventions for at-risk, hearing impaired and indigent youth in rural Jamaica.