Welcome to APANY, Inc., Miami Branch

In April of 2013, The Anguilla Progressive Association of New York established a branch in Miami, Florida. This branch is ideally located to support the rapidly growing Anguillian Diaspora and friends thereof in Florida, and specifically the Miami area. They have hosted numerous events and fundraising activities to support the organization’s goals. In the past, they’ve made significant donations to The Anguilla Department of Education and the various nursing homes on the island.

Like APANY New York, the staff is made up of dedicated Anguillians and friends that devote their time, skills and experience to share with fellow Anguillians. In particular, they focus on community events and bringing Anguillians and friends together for community events, such as Anguilla Day, and other popular holidays, when Anguillians tend to miss their cultural activities most.