Executive Vice President (2017-2020)

Calvin Bartlett

During his retirement, the late Calvin Barlett served for many years as the volunteer Senior Vice President of the Anguilla Progressive Association of New York, Inc. (APANY).

Born in St. Maarten, he was a proud Belonger of Anguilla, whose mother was a daughter of the soil. He willingly dedicated his time, talents, and professional skills to the high-profile global visibility of APANY and the island nation of Anguilla.

“Where a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of many, many wonderful memories.” Yinka Stanford

Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

Christina Canzonari

Recently, Carlson Connor and his wife, Anne, made a special trip to visit Christina on behalf of APANY. The occasion served as a celebration and thanks for the many years of service Christina contributed as the social media/marketing coordinator at APANY. Christina’s faithfulness over the years was truly remarkable, and her dedication to the organization was an inspiration to everyone she worked with. Carlson and his wife wanted to thank Christina in person for all she had done, and they were not disappointed. Christina was gracious and humble, as always, and their gesture clearly touched her. It was a beautiful moment, and one we hope Christina will remember for years to come. Thank you, Christina, for everything you do.
As the holiday weekend winds down I would like to take the time to thank Carlson Connor, Anne Connor, and the Anguilla Progressive Association of NY, Inc. for honoring me and my company CWG Design, since 2015, as their Social Media/ Marketing Coordinator. It has been a wonderful journey!
The beautiful plaque they have bestowed on me will forever be a touching addition to my office. May the work of APANY continue to bring great good to Anguilla and the Caribbean as they assist the Anguilla diaspora for many year to come! 🇦🇮🌎❤️
I have been so blessed to work with all the amazing people from APANY and most kind people of Anguilla.
Our good friend Calvin Bartlett will remain forever in our memory🙏🏼

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