Youth Care

There is a powerful consensus that youth violence is becoming a major problem in Anguilla. At APANY, we believe there is a moral imperative to act to reduce youth violence and keep our youth and community safe. Incidents that do not reflect the sentiment of the “Tranquility wrapped in Blue” Island, which we once knew, are destroying the lives of too many of our teens. This is a threat to our local economy, which largely depends on the tourism and hospitality industry. We  support permanent funding and implementation of projects that will provide:

  • meaningful after-school activities
  • Good-paying jobs
  • Satisfying careers
  • economic opportunities
  • a sense of hope for the future
  • opportunities to curb senseless acts of violence

Together, we can give purpose and hope to the youth of Anguilla. Help us create a place of safety and upliftment for our young people.

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